Getting Started

You can play on any device either on desktop via web browser or by downloading the app here.

Create an account HERE

You can deposit money through ‘My Wallet’ which will redirect you to PayPal as this is the most secure way to play.








Buying Tickets:

From the main menu, select the game you wish to play – Bingo or Pongo.

Proceed to buy tickets for the game time you wish to play.

Each ticket is one 15 number bingo panel. You may purchase as many or as few as you wish.

Once tickets are purchased you will be able to see the real time countdown to when the game will begin to start.

When the countdown reaches 20 seconds, a play button will appear. Press this to enter the game room.


How to Play & How to Win:

Random numbers between 1 – 90, will be generated & marked automatically on your cards.

Each game will show the player how much prize money is available to be won on each sequence. All games will be treble chance e.g., Line, 2 Line, Full House, or Panel.

Each ticket contains 3 lines of 5 numbers for a total of 15 numbers.

To win a Line you need to be the first person to achieve 5 numbers straight across on any ticket.

To win 2 Lines you need to be the first person to achieve 10 numbers straight across two lines on any one ticket.

To win a Full House, you need to be the first person to achieve all 15 numbers across the three lines on any one ticket.

Your tickets purchased will be on display at the bottom of the screen, you can scroll to the right to view more tickets. If your Best card icon is GREEN, your ticket with the best chance to win will automatically be rotated to the first card on view.

You can select the Bonus Button to see what Bonus/Jackpots are available to be won on this Game.

When you or any player wins, every player in the game room will see a pop-up icon. At the end of the game, all players will see another summary of which players have won each combination & how much they have won. Prize money will automatically go into the winners account at the end of the game.

If you are not in the game room, you can still win on your tickets purchased. You will receive a notification on the top of your screen, or you can check any missed notifications in the menu when you log back in.

How do I withdraw my winnings:

Select My Wallet, then Withdraw.

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw & your PayPal account information.

Payments may take up to 72 hours.

Any more information required please contact

Responsible Gaming & other settings/features:

You can set spend limits for each month in the settings menu.

You can mute callers or music at any stage by pressing the menu icon (three white dots) at the top right of your screen & then mute.

You can change your password, delete account, or edit your profile through the profile menu at any stage.

You can edit your offer & promotional contact approval in the settings menu.



Click Here to Sign Up on Laptop / Desktop

Click Here to Sign Up on Android Phone

*Our developers are working on the Iphone (iOS) version. It will be ready soon!



If you need support, send us an e-mail or a message on Facebook and we will assist you.

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