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Online Bingo – FAQ


  1. How do I sign up?
    Sign up through our website https://jackpotts.ie/ with requested details, Name, Email D.O.B etc.

  2. How old do I have to be to play online?
    You MUST be over 18, ID May be requested at any time.

  3. How does Jack Pott’s online bingo compare to other bingo?
    We offer a live caller experience online from the comfort of your own home.

  4. Is it safe to deposit money?
    We only use PayPal to ensure the highest level of security.

  5. How much money do I need to get started?
    €10 minimum deposit required.

  6. How many winners will there be?
    In every game of Bingo, we will always have at least 1 winner. Winners are needed for the game to end.

  7. What happens if I have purchased my tickets and I get disconnected from the game?
    Your tickets will remain in play for the game & any monies won will be automatically allocated to your wallet.

  8. How often are the games?
    Games will be played daily at various times, check the games available to purchase & check our schedule on our Facebook Group

  9. How much is it to play?
    Games will vary in price.

  10. Is the prize money the same for each game?
    Each game is different, the more players we have the higher the prize money. This does not include any specific bonus games etc.

  11. What happens if the game I bought tickets for is cancelled?
    In the event of a cancelled game, a refund will be allocated to your account.

  12. How do I withdraw winnings?
    Once signed into your account, select wallet, then select withdraw, & enter details requested, payment will then be sent to your PayPal account.

  13. How will my transactions appear on my statement?
    Transactions will appear as ‘CEL’.

  14. How do I get support?
    You can find support through our email support@jackpotts.ie We are always happy to help!

  15. Who can help me with a booking?
    We are here to help, contact us at support@jackpotts.ie
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